6 Proven Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar Pills

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has become a popular beverage for various health benefits and is available in a pill form. Some possible apple cider vinegar pills benefits include weight loss and lower blood sugar levels.

Apple cider vinegar pills

Could apple cider vinegar (ACV) get any better? Besides the beverage itself, you can also find, health and wellness brown as ACV pills. Like the original healthy drink, several apple cider vinegar pills benefits are made. They include weight loss and lower cholesterol. These are the same benefits that makers like Braggs make for their fermented apple juice. As always, it’s critical to take a closer look at the pills and see if they can “keep the doctor away” like raw apples. This is the big question since it can be tough sometimes to separate fact from fiction.

Today’s consumers are looking for health products that offer more nutrition. For example, instead of eating real beef, eggs, or soybeans, you can buy protein powders that are made from those products. You get many of the same benefits but they’re still processed products that are made in a factory. The situation could be similar in the case of ACV pills. These are more processed than the apple/vinegar drink so it’s important to learn which benefits they can provide. This can help you decide if you should buy the pills or drink, or simply ditch both and buy a red apple instead.    

What Exactly Are AppleCider Vinegar Pills?

As the name suggests it’s a pill version of the ACV drink. This beverage is made by making apple juice from the raw fruit then adding bacteria and yeast in the fermenting process. There are two fermenting stages involved. The first one turns the drink into alcohol and the second one converts it into vinegar. Viola—you get apple cider vinegar!

The main difference is the pill form is a dehydrated version that’s removed the water from the vinegar. It’s like a milk powder that just requires you to add water to turn the product into a regular glass of milk. However, in this case, it’s a tablet instead of a powder.

There are various amounts of ACV in the capsules. They usually have around 500mg. That’s equal to around 2 teaspoons of the beverage. It might seem like a lot but consider that it’s vinegar so you normally wouldn’t want to drink it like a shot of alcohol.

Sometimes you also get metabolism-boosting ingredients like cayenne pepper that are paired with the ACV. This adds extra health benefits that boost the nutritional value of the pills.

One main reason people consume these pills is it’s an alternative to dealing with the smell/taste of vinegar. Sure, it’s actually not as bad when you add some apple to the mix. However, it’s still quite sour and might be too tough for some people to stomach.

The main benefit of this form is it’s more “portable.” A serving of ACV is quite small anyway so it could be a hassle to carry a thermos with a small amount of vinegar in it. It’s a lot easier to take a pill when you’re out and about. You’ll just need a pill and a glass of water. It provides the same benefits as other supplements like vitamins or amino acids.

Apple Cider Vinegar Pills Benefits

In theory, you should be getting the same benefits from apple cider vinegar pills as ACV itself. That’s because you’re just ditching the water and getting the stuff that’s left. The problem is there have been few studies done about ACV pills compared to ACV beverages.

Here are some of the possible benefits of ACV pills based on studies of the liquid version and acetic acid that’s produced in the fermentation process:

1. Blood Sugar

Studies show that vinegar can help to lower levels of blood sugar. This is important if you have conditions like insulin resistance or prediabetes. Even if you have diabetes already ACV might help to manage your blood sugar levels.

2. Weight Loss

Consuming diluted ACV might help to reduce weight loss through the antioxidants and metabolism boosts. That, in turn, could help people lose weight and fat. When you have oil & vinegar salad dressing, for example, it can speed up your metabolism and help you burn more calories even without exercise.

3. Heart Health

Studies also show that vinegar seems to improve heart health. This is through lowering things like blood pressure, blood fat, and cholesterol levels. These are all factors that can help prevent serious diseases like heart disease.

4. Cholesterol Levels

ACV might help to lower your levels of bad cholesterol. Both animal and human studies show that the apple drink might help to lower “bad” blood cholesterol. Health experts generally think this is more important than lowering total cholesterol. There are various ways to achieve this goal but ACV seems to help.

5. Antioxidants

This is one of the main claimed benefits of vinegar. Various studies show that it can help to fight “free radical” molecules. They attack healthy cells, which can lead to inflammation and illness/disease. ACV and vinegar have antioxidants that might even help to prevent cancer. However, more research is needed in this area.

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