The 5 Best Supplements For Hair Growth

If you want healthier hair you should consider the best supplements for hair growth. They include ones with different Vitamins like A, C, and E. These supplements can help make your hair longer and healthier.

Long hair

Do you want longer and healthier hair? If so, you should find the best supplements for hair growth. Your locks need to get the nutrients they need. One way to achieve that goal is with dietary supplements.

The average life of a hair strand is 2 to 7 years. You can help your hair live longer by taking the best dietary supplements. Like other body cells, they must get all the nutrients they need. You can achieve that goal by eating healthy food, exercising regularly, and taking certain vitamins. This can help to provide you with the healthiest hair possible. It’s just like maintaining healthy skin and nails.

What about shampoos, conditions, and hairsprays? These can provide your hair with nutrients and they’re products you should use. However, this approach mostly treats the hair strands. A better approach is to feed the hairs from the inside-out. You can do that by eating healthy food and taking the best supplements for hair growth like Vitamin E. You can also take other basic steps like drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress levels. When you combine these steps with enough nutrients, you’ll have fast-growing, healthy hair.  

The Long and Short of How Hair Grows

Fun Fact: Hair coves 98% of the body of the world’s hairiest man. Most people have a lot less hair. However, if you think about it most of the body has hair on it. Some of the exceptions include the hand’s palms, feet’s sole, and lips. There’s hair on just about all other areas. The difference is basically how much hair is in those areas.

The hair starts in the hair root under the skin’s surface. There are lots of cells there and team up to make the hair protein known as “keratin.” This protein is important because it makes up fingernails/toenails.

It might be surprising but the hair roots are the hair part that’s alive. They’re inside tube-like areas of the skin known as follicles. Hair grows up starting from the root then contuse through a hair follicle.

The hair that’s above the skin is known as the hair “shaft.” One key to hair growth is the tiny blood vessels located at the hair’s base. This provides food for the hair roots so they keep growing. When the hair gets to the skin’s surface those cells aren’t alive. Fun Fact: hair cuts don’t hurt because you’re removing dead cells.

A person’s hair follicles are also connected to oil glands or “sebaceous” glands if you want to use the fancy term. They make the oil for keeping hair shiny. If the gland makes a lot of oil it causes your hair to look oily. The shampoo is a quick fix.

It might sound scary at first but the average person loses up to 100 hairs per day. This explains why you sometimes see hairs fall out. Make sure to watch for serious hair loss since it could be a sign that you have thinning hair. Make sure you’re using proper hair care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Best Supplements for Hair Growth

1. Biotin Tablets by Natrol

This one includes biotin, which is a Vitamin B-complex that’s critical for cell growth. This vitamin helps to make amino acids. These are protein’s building blocks. Since hair is made of the protein keratin the biotin is important to help boost hair growth including protein production. This will help to deal with various hair issues.

2. HairAnew

This product uses a Vitamin B vitamin known as Biotin. It can help to boost hair growth. You get 5,000 mcg of Vitamin B in this product. You also get lots of other nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, and herbs. This helps to provide nutrients that could be missing and causing hair loss. They include Vitamin B6/E and Niacin.

3. Hair Rush by Ultra Labs

This product includes the protein keratin, which is critical for hair growth. You also get powerful minerals, vitamins, and herbs. This can help boost hair growth and provide healthy locks. Other ingredients can help prevent hair loss. The product has no side-effects and men/women can use it. It’s also completely drug-free.

4. Healthy Hair Vitamins by Brock Beauty

This provides a one-of-a-kind formula that includes different ingredients like biotin. There’s also the protein collagen for boosting hair growth. This product provides a questionnaire with some basic questions. After you complete it you get free hair care, which is a great perk. Another major benefit of the product is it’s completely drug-free.

5. Hair Nutrient Tablets by Viviscal

This product includes a unique blend of ingredients like Vitamin C, zinc, iron, and calcium. There are also some interesting ingredients like shark powder that might help to boost hair growth. This product is easy to digest. It can also help make your hair shiny and easy to take care of because of the ingredients.

Top Foods for Hair Growth

1. Fatty Fish

This includes options like mackerel, tuna, salmon, and sardines. They’re high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy fats. Studies show omega-3s can provide many health benefits including heart health, nails, skin, and (you guessed it)—healthy hair!

2. Spinach

This is a green leafy veggie that’s loaded with nutrients like Vitamins A/C, iron, folate, etc. They can team up to boost hair growth, which is critical to keep your locks full and shiny. This vitamin is critical for helping skin glands make an oil known as “sebum.” This helps keep the scalp moist and hair healthy.

Here are some key nutrients. In one cup you get about 55% daily value of Vitamin A. Another important nutrient is iron.

3. Berries

These are Keto-friendly foods that are high in vitamins and chemical compounds that can boost hair growth. You get lots of nutrients like Vitamin C that is a high-antioxidant. This is an important nutrient to help prevent hair damage. This is done by keeping away “free radical” molecules that attack healthy cells.

4. Sweet Potatoes

This isn’t low-carb but it’s high-nutrient. It’s orange due to “beta carotene” like carrots. The body turns this chemical compound into hair-friendly Vitamin A. Fun Fact: A medium-sized sweet potato has 4x more than the recommended daily value. Studies show Vitamin A produces an oil that helps keep hair healthy.

5. Eggs

This is greatly due to the amount of protein in chicken eggs and other types. Studies show that consuming enough hair can help to prevent hair loss. If you maintain a balanced diet your body can use Biotin to make keratin (hair protein).

Eggs are also high in other nutrients. They include zinc and others. This makes it one of the best foods to consume with the best supplements for hair growth.

Best supplements for hair growth

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