5 Best Whey Protein For Building Muscle

Whey protein is known to support muscle building. In the article, we talk about the best whey protein for building muscle that best suits your needs.

Whey protein powder

These days, life is becoming so busy that we seem not to even have enough time to feed ourselves properly. Eating a healthy diet is time-consuming, and people don’t seem to have that much time anymore. When you are working out, your body needs more nutrients to keep up with the task of muscle building. Even if you are not working out, a healthy diet would help you stay in shape. To solve this problem, manufacturers began to make supplements that can make up for the deficiencies in our meals. One such supplement is whey protein, which is particularly promoted for muscle building. So then, what is the best whey protein for muscle building?

No supplement in the world is as popular as whey protein. It is hard to find anyone who has not heard about whey protein. However, this does not mean that everyone knows its full range of benefits. And then, with the many products available on the market, it may be quite hard to choose the best of the best. This is what we want to talk about in this article. Having put a lot of factors like price, efficiency, accessibility, taste, etc. into consideration, we have compiled a list of the 5 best whey proteins to build your muscles.

How Whey Protein Supports Muscle Building

Before we begin to talk about the best products available, it is important to understand how whey protein supports muscle building. Because of its profound effect on muscle building, whey protein is quite popular among bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness models.

Whey protein can help you build muscles in the following ways:

1. It provides building blocks for your muscles

Whey protein supplies your body with amino acids. These amino acids serve as the building blocks that aid muscle growth. This way, when there is an adequate supply of building blocks, your muscles would grow at an increased rate.

2. It’s effects on your hormones

Another thing whey protein does is that it increases the rate at which your body releases certain anabolic hormones. These hormones help to stimulate the growth of your muscles. A good example of such hormones is insulin.

3. The muscle-building effect of Leucine

Whey protein has lots of leucine, a branched-chain amino acid, in it. Leucine stimulates the synthesis of muscle protein at the genetic and molecular level. The more muscle protein is synthesized, the faster your muscles would grow, and the stronger they will be.

4. Fast absorption

Whey protein has a very fast absorption. Your body absorbs and utilizes whey protein faster compared to all the other forms of protein.

The best time to take whey protein for muscle building is right before your workout or right after it. It is not bad if you take it during your workout too. These are the times that your body maximizes the synthesis of muscle protein.

But then, it is more important to focus on how many proteins you are consuming daily. That is a more important factor in muscle building than the time of the day that you are consuming the protein. Even if you take whey protein around the time of your workout, but you are not consuming adequate amounts of protein daily, you may not see any results.

The Best Whey Protein for Building Muscle

The following 5 products top the list of whey proteins for muscle building:

1. NitroTech (Produced by MuscleTech) – This is the best overall

This product offers 30g of protein in every 150-calorie serving. It also contains branched-chain aminos (BCAAs), glutamine, and creatine. So, it is a blend of whey protein and other components that support muscle growth. It is more effective than when you take stand-alone whey protein.

The formula is ultra-clean because it is well filtered. That way, it has a faster absorption than most other whey protein products, making it easily utilized and more effective. This product comes in a variety of flavors, 17 in all. Its great taste and good results make it the overall best.

2. Gold-Standard 100% Whey (Produced by Optimum Nutrition) – The is the product with the best value

This whey protein product has earned the right to be called by its name, gold standard. With 24g of protein in each serving with no other form of protein than whey, you can’t get a better value from any other product.

3. Whey + Whey Isolate (Produced by LEGION) – This is the best lactose-free product

Those who are lactose intolerant have a product that fits them as well. Each serving of this product contains 22g of proteins, 3g of carbs, and 100 calories.

What’s more, it is lactose-free, GMO-free, and sugar-free. Instead of sugar, this product contains stevia. It has a great taste, mixes well, has no unpleasant side effects, and works effectively.

This product will give you 120 calories in each serving as well as 4g of glutamine and 5.5g of BCAAs. It has a variety of 20 awesome flavors, all of which mix easily.

4. Organic WheyProtein (Produced by Natural Force) – The is the best organic product

If you want the purity that comes with organic products, then this one is for you. It is made from organic protein concentrate and sweetened with organic stevia powder. Even the flavored varieties are made with organic flavors.

You will find 20g of protein, 3g of carbs, and 110 calories in each serving. It mixes easily in water, milk, etc. You may also add it to your baked goods. It is both kosher and gluten-free.

5. Zero-Carb Protein Powder (Produced by Isopure) – This is the best low-carb product

If what you want is a low-carb product, then try out this one. Zero-carbs means no carb at all. Can you possibly have it better than that? The catch here is that this product is not only carb-free, but it is also lactose-free and gluten-free.

Its serving contains 100 calories each, as well as 25g of protein. It has several flavors that you can choose from, and there is an unflavored version too.

A Few Other Options to Consider

Just in case you are interested, you could also check out the following products:

  1. ISO HD (produced by BPI Sports) – This is the best product for post-workout. It is made particularly for fast digestion. This, in turn, gives rapid results.
  2. Lean Body Protein Shake (produced by LABRADA) – This is the best ready-to-drink product. In every 17-ounce shake, you would get 280 calories and as much as 40g of protein. It is a zero-sugar product.
  3. Gatorade WhyProtein Bars – This is the best product that comes in the form of bars. Each bar contains 340 calories, 20g of protein, and 42g of carbs.

From our list above, it is clear that the best whey protein for building muscle depends on what you are looking for. Thankfully, you have this list to guide you in making the choice of product that best suits your needs.

5 Best Whey Protein For Building Muscle

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