Blood Pressure Monitor Uses + Best Options in the Market

Blood pressure monitors are quite handy and convenient. Using them is an easy way to keep track of your health.

Person using a regular blood meter

First, let us talk about the uses of a blood pressure monitor.


The newly formed blood pressure monitor devices now are quite handy and convenient that you can do the measuring in the comforts of your home or anywhere really. Other devices with a built-in communicator with your physician, can send the measure to have just contracted after using the blood pressure monitor device.

To have handy blood pressure monitor devices is useful especially for your doctors. It makes their job easier than ever. In addition to that, people with diagnosed condition are able to track their status regularly themselves.

The Disadvantages

The fear of finding your health status.

Some people find the handy blood pressure monitor device as a lifesaver because they will have an easier way of finding for sure the rate of their blood pressure, but some might not that be enthusiastic. There are still people out there that are quite afraid 9in finding out about their blood pressure. However, this fear will dissipate in time.

Treatment fatigue

Treatment fatigue might happen if people regularly check on their blood pressure. Regularly checking your blood pressure will start to take a toll on your anxiety and will eventually wear you off.

Data overload

Yes, reporting to your doctor about your current blood pressure and so is the 21 readings you did in a week might help your doctor. However, some of these reading is not useful at all and might bring too much data on your doctor. He or she might have hard processing the information by doing the process of elimination first.

Best Handy Blood Pressure Monitor in the Market

Omron Series 10 (BP786/BP786N)

The Omron series ten might be your best pick of the year 2019. It is the handiest and most advanced blood pressure monitor device ever. It easy to read through because it is digital and the results are fast and very accurate. The Omron series 10 is quite easy to use too. You have to stick the handy device on your arm and wait for it to read your blood pressure.  It does not only read your blood pressure, but it also reads your heart beat rate and tells you whether the beating rate is normal or not.

Lot Fancy Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The Lot Fancy Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is a device to behold in because it has such a large space for data. 4 people can regularly use it and store data all at the same time in the device. The device has a large LCD so you can see the various information it wants to convey to the person using it. The Lot Fancy Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor device gives you your blood pressure reading and automatically classifies it whether it is normal, higher, than normal, or abnormally high.

Panasonic EW3109W Portable Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

This blood pressure monitoring device is for travel because it is quite handy, you can pack it lightly to whatever place you wanted to go. The Panasonic EW3109W Portable Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is such an accurate blood pressure monitoring device too because of its added sensitivity to sounds.

Blood Pressure Monitor With App

There is a blood pressure monitor device to which an app is associated with it. This app can be accessed in your Android or IOS devices, and you can download them in play store. This ultra mega gadget is called the Withings Wireless Smart Blood Pressure Monitor. Instead of reading your blood pressure measurements on the device, you can see it on the LCD of your phone.

So, How Do You Choose the Best Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices for You?

Do you know that heart-related illness is amongst the top 10 deadliest diseases in this millennia? Yes, you heard that right. So, monitoring your high blood pressure is still a priority even if you do not have any heart-related disease. But how do you know which ones are to choose from? There are a lot of varieties in the market today, and the other devices I have mentioned are just some of the best devices out there, but it does not mean that they will perfectly fit with your lifestyle. To know for sure which type of device are you going to but you need to know the ease of use, the accuracy, and its costing of course.

The Ease of Use

Your blood pressure monitoring device, of course, have the level of easiness once you used it because what is the point of a handy device which is not handy? If you are that person who loves to experiment with technology and loves to be on the techy now bandwagon, they might love the uber techy blood pressure monitoring device with a connection to an application in their phone. If you wanted to give it to your grandmother who prefers easiness rather than fancies, then you may opt to buy a more direct, simple, and handy to use a blood pressure monitoring device.

The Accuracy

While some of us might be more concerned on accessibility, the style, the technology and all that, it is still utmost importance that the level of accuracy and sensitivity of a blood pressure monitoring device is on point. Because purchasing a smart blood pressure monitoring device that is not accurate or sensitive defeats the whole purpose of you buying the device in the first place.

The Cost

Of course, you have to have the hindsight of the cost too. All the choices mentioned above are all under $100 and the price, by the way, is pretty much reasonable.

Your Takeaway

Whatever your choice is, you need to remember that what you are looking for in a device is accuracy and everything else should be secondary. The blood pressure monitoring device is such a helpful device and if it is for your health, then do not put second thoughts about and buy the thing.

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