Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: What Is It Good For?

How can you take apple juice to the next level? One of the best options is Braggs organic apple cider vinegar (ACV). This is an interesting beverage since it’s distilled apple juice. One drink combines features of apple cider and vinegar. ACV is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet and might provide several

Braggs organic apple cider vinegar

How can you take apple juice to the next level? One of the best options is Braggs organic apple cider vinegar (ACV). This is an interesting beverage since it’s distilled apple juice. One drink combines features of apple cider and vinegar. ACV is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet and might provide several health benefits like weight loss, body detox, and lower blood sugar. Several scientific studies have already provided proof of some of the claims made about healthy drinks. However, more research is needed for others. What’s clear is ACV is 100% healthier than other options like soft drinks and shelf-stable cold-pressed juices.

When picking an ACV beverage, you have many options. Organic varieties are easily one of the best ones since they’re 100% “natural.“ For example, apple and vinegar are both natural. However, if fertilizer or pesticide contains artificial ingredients it causes the drink to be inorganic instead of organic. This reduces the overall health value of the drink. People often refer to “natural” and “organic” as the same thing but they’re not. This is one of the main benefits of Bragg ACV over other products on the market. You won’t be affected by substances that don’t exist in the natural world.

What Is Apple cider Vinegar?

In recent years ACV has been trending and especially for weight loss. In fact, you can even find weight-loss diets that feature the distilled apple juice. First, let’s talk about the drink itself. Is it apple juice, cider, or vinegar? It’s fermented apple juice so it’s a little of all three.

How is ACV made? The first step is crushing up fresh apples then removing the juice. This gives you basic apple juice. The fermenting process involves adding bacteria/yeast to launch the fermentation process. This process converts the drink’s sugars into alcohol.

Then there’s a second step for fermenting the apple drink. This involves changing the alcohol into vinegar using a certain bacteria that produces something called “acetic acid.” This helps to make vinegar sour.

There’s no question that ACV is healthy. That’s due to the fact it’s not only an apple drink but also a fermented drink that combines the benefits of both kinds of beverages.

ACV is used for a wide range of products including marinades, salad dressing, and food preservatives. In recent years it’s become very popular in various detox diets. This is linked to the benefits you get from the 1-2 punch of apples and vinegar.

While apple juice is an old-school beverage it might be surprising how old cider and vinegar are. The oldest fermented drink is wine. Wine dates back to around 5000 BC when the Babylonians used date palm to make wine.

In future centuries other fermented drinks appeared. They included barley brews made by Egyptians (5000 BC) and apple wine from the Aryans (2500 BC). It’s unknown if these drinks were like fine wine but they were the earliest fermented beverages.

Fun Fact: The term “cider” is based on the Phoenician (Greece) word “Shekar” which means wine/strong drink. The ancient Greeks and Romans learned how to make fermented drinks from the Aryans and Babylonians.

What’s Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar?

Braggs ACV is easily one of the most famous brands of fermented apple drink. It was founded by Paul Bragg who was a health food fan and fitness enthusiast. He not only focused on diets but also detox, long-life, and regular exercise.

In the middle 1920s, Bragg became a game-changer in the health industry. He launched a few health centers in Los Angeles. He also penned a weekly column in the Los Angeles Times for a few years. This helped to promote his business. Bragg published his first book in 1929 entitled “Cure Yourself.”

Today Bragg is best known for his company’s apple cider vinegar. The company also produces other products including liquid aminos, which are made from unfermented soybeans. During his life Bragg promoted things like:

  • Organic foods
  • Fruit/vegetable juices
  • Distilled water
  • Deep breathing
  • Self-health monitoring

There’s some debate about whether or not Bragg was a game-changer in the health industry. It’s worth noting that he lived to the age of early 80s. Various studies have shown that ACV and liquid aminos seem to provide some major health benefits.

When picking ACV one of the main issues is whether to pick a filtered version or one with the “mother” of vinegar. ACV that contains this substance seems to be the healthiest version.

This is the slimy stuff that forms from the fermenting process. Many people either get rid of it or buy filtered ACV. However, this substance might provide many health benefits that you don’t get in pasteurized vinegar that’s been filtered.

Various studies show the mother of vinegar provides various benefits. They include chemical compounds, iron, and Vitamin Bs. TI also contains “prebiotics” that can improve gut health with “good” bacteria. This product is also organic so it doesn’t contain artificial ingredients that were added to the apples or ACV during food processing.

Top Possible Benefits of ACV

1. Antioxidants

There are chemical compounds in vinegar called “polyphenols.” These antioxidants can help to protect healthy cells. That, in turn, can help to prevent various diseases. Some studies show that ACV might help to prevent cancer. However, more research is needed because the results are mixed.

2. Heart Health

Some studies show that ACV might help to improve heart health and lower bad/total cholesterol. These are both related since several factors can boost your chance of heart disease and other serious conditions.

In recent years scientists have been focusing more on the ratio of good/bad cholesterol. Several studies show this seems to be more important than your total cholesterol. You should still watch your total cholesterol. However, it’s the bad cholesterol you’ll want to lower. So, it turns out in this area eggs are egg-cellent for your health.

3. Blood Sugar

One study showed that ACV might help to lower blood sugar levels. This was among people with type-2 diabetes. Nearly 9% of the world’s population now has this serious condition. If you have insulin resistance or prediabetes it’s important to reverse your situation ASAP to help prevent full-blown diabetes.

3. Acetic Acid

What’s it all about? This acid is produced during the second fermentation step that converts alcohol into something called acetic acid. This is the main chemical compound found in vinegar so it’s a critical part of the process. Studies show that acetic acid can provide several health benefits.

4. Fights Obesity

One Japanese study showed that drinking ACV may lower obesity risks.  This is greatly due to the fermenting process. Vinegar can provide benefits like ridding your body of toxins and speeding up your metabolism. These are all key benefits that can result in weight loss. Obesity is growing popular around the world so one solution might be Braggs organic apple cider vinegar.

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