Cloud 9 Antipolo: Travel Guide, Entrance Fee

When you think of the perfect weekend getaway, where do your thoughts turn? For many people this is Antipolo.

This small city near Manila has been able to flourish into one popular destination thanks largely due its proximity and accessibility. It is the perfect place if you just want an easy escape from Metro Philippines’ hustle-and hype.

One of the many places in Antipolo that have been visited by tourists is the Cloud 9 Antipolo. What is this place? And what are the things it has to offer? Read on to know more.

Discover Cloud 9 Antipolo:

  • Address: Sumulong Highway, Brgy. Sta Cruz, Antipolo City
  • Entrance Fee: P70 inclusive of the hanging bridge and Butuan museum/ free if you purchase P300 total worth
  • Website:
  • Facebook page:
  • Contact Number: 0917 800 3424
  • Operating Hours: 8 am to 10 pm Monday to Sunday


Cloud 9 Antipolo is actually a leisure center called Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club. It is located on Sumulong Highway in Antipolo City, which is only an hour and a half drive from Manila.

Cloud 9 Antipolo is formerly known as Cafe Nueve. It was originally a restaurant back in 1995 and has been improved to include facilities for Recreation and Events. The owner of Cloud 9 Antipolo is Dr. Potenciano Malvar and Mrs. Lourdes C. 


Hanging Bridge

One of the most popular attractions in the Cloud 9 Antipolo is the Hanging Bridge/Sky Bridge. The Hanging Bridge is where you pass to get to the Information building where the restaurants, museum, hotel, and the 360 view deck are located.

The bridge, however, can only accommodate 15 people at a time so if you went there on weekends when people will be jammed packed, you need to wait in line to be able to cross.

The hanging bridge may sway a little, so be prepared if you have some phobia of heights. But this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so it’s totally worth trying. And after crossing the bridge you will be greeted by the stunning views of Rizal, Laguna de Bay as well as Metro Manila.

The 360-degree view deck

The 360-degree view deck at Cloud 9 is the best way to see Metro Manila’s skyscrapers. You can watch the stunning sunsets on this iconic spot, and there are also metal railings where people often put love locks as an expression to mark their affection towards each other.

When you’re in the 360 view deck, it feels like being up in a cloud. And maybe that’s because they call this place “Cloud Nine.”

Metal Walkway

You can find this at the lower level of the 360° View Deck building. It has a romantic vibe to it and is designed with greenery plants and flowers making it perfect for photoshoots. This pathway leads to the exit and back to the information building where the restaurant is.

Butuan Caraga Heritage Museum

The Butuan Caraga Heritage Museum is home to a different collection of artifacts from ancient times, such as bones and swords. You can also find historical arts that speak about what life was like in this region before it became part of Philippine territory under Spanish rule! There’s an informative walkthrough where you get insight into how things were back then through interactive exhibits while you explore all these treasures at your leisure.

Cloud 9 Antipolo Restaurant

The dining experience at this restaurant is unforgettable. You’ll enjoy Filipino delicacies while looking out over the city from an elevated place and you can’t beat that fresh air! The food here may be a little more expensive than other restaurants in town but it’s definitely worth every penny.

Cloud 9 Hotel and Resort

When you need a break from city life, head to Cloud 9 Hotel and Resort in Antipolo. This hotel offers air conditioning for your comfort and free internet access so that it’s easy to stay connected while away! The resort features an on-site restaurant where guests can enjoy their meals with views of the city. For those without cars but looking forward still enjoying everything this wonderful destination has to offer – don’t worry because they’ve got plenty of parking space.

Venue Hall

Cloud 9 provides different venues for special occasions. They host gatherings such as seminars and team-building exercises, but they also offer packages that include the use of their function rooms in addition to access to sports areas like billiards tables, darts boards (for those who really need some target practice), table tennis courts–even a basketball court!

Cloud 9 Antipolo Entrance Fee 2022

The Cloud 9 Antipolo rates: P70 inclusive of the hanging bridge and Butuan museum. However, if you purchase Php 300.00 per head in their restaurant, you can enjoy the hanging bridge, 360-view deck, and Butuan Museum for free. Parking is free of charge.

Cloud 9 Antipolo Operating Hours 2022

They are open from Monday to Sunday, 8:00 AM- 10 PM. The best time to visit is of course during weekdays, since weekends mean more people.

How to go there?

If you will take a bus, ride from Cubao bound for Antipolo, Just ask the driver to drop you off at Cloud 9 Antipolo. You can also take a bus from Cubao bound for SM Masinag. Then ride another bus or jeepney going to Antipolo and tell the driver your destination.

From Cubao Station, you can take an fx or jeepney bound for Antipolo-Simbahan or Antipolo-Sumulong and instruct the driver to drop you at Cloud 9. If you are going to ride an LRT, ride LRT 2 bound for Masinag Station. Then ride a jeepney bound for Antipolo-Simbahan.

If you have your own car, from Manila, drive along Marcos Highway toward Antipolo until you reach Masinag Intersection. Then turn right to Sumulong highway to Upper Antipolo.