Cloudy Urine: Common Causes

Cloudy urine can be indicative of many health conditions. At the same time, it could just be because you aren’t taking enough water. Still, it’s best to look deeper into it if you have doubts. A visit to the doctor should get you going.

That look on people’s faces when words like urine and feces are mentioned tells you just how disgusted they are. You would expect that since they come out of our bodies we are no longer irritated by them. Or the fact that we come in contact with them on a daily basis we’re now cool with them. But no, that isn’t the case. Well, they are waste products that we excrete and not chocolates at candy bar shops. We definitely got no love for them. But you know what? A little show of interest wouldn’t harm. Reason being that the color of your urine tells a lot. For instance, cloudy urine could be a result of dehydration or even diet change. And bloody urine can be because of an infection. 

Most of us pay little or no attention whatsoever to these waste products. We really don’t care about what color our urine is. And most times we just flush within the twinkle of an eye. But what if you notice by mistake that your urine is cloudy? Should you freak out? Well, cloudy urine could be a result of many things. Some are actually not dangerous to your health while some pose harm. So it’s not time to freak out but time to find out the cause of cloudiness in your urine. 

Urine and its Formation

So let’s have a quick rundown on how urine is formed. And also some facts about the components of urine. 

When it comes to forming urine your kidneys are the mastermind behind it. What your kidneys do is to filter wastes and excess water that you have in your body. Cool right? Well, there’s more. The waste is actually called urea. And urea is transported by the blood to the kidneys. From the kidneys, it travels through the ureter all the way to the bladder. So when you need to use the CR, it’s your bladder that is full. 

Your bladder actually does an amazing job. It is able to hold about 16 ounces of urine for 2-5 hours. So all thanks to your bladder you would be able to hold peeing till you reach the CR. The bladder is super cool! 

The normal color for urine is usually pale yellow. And it’s usually clear. One major factor that affects the color of your urine is the amount of water you take. If you take a lot of water and stay hydrated you would expect your urine to be lighter in color. And on the other hand, if you’re dehydrated your urine would be darker in color. 

To let you in on an interesting fact, the urine is made of urochrome. Urochrome is the colored pigment in urine. And changes in the concentration of the pigment changes the color of your urine. Also, chemical compounds, drugs and the type of food you eat also affect the color of your urine. 

Causes of Cloudy Urine 

There are a lot of reasons why your urine can appear cloudy. One thing you must know is that not all causes of cloudy urine are harmful. While some would need immediate medical intervention. 

Here are some of the causes of cloudy urine: 


Well, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that this is one common cause of cloudy urine. Especially when the urine is dark in color you can tell it’s because of dehydration. They say young people and old people tend to get dehydrated easily. So it’s often seen among them. At the same time sicknesses like diarrhea can also lead to you being dehydrated. 

UTI( urinary tract infection)

Right here is another commonly assumed cause of cloudy urine. If the urine smells foul as well then it’s most likely a UTI infection. The cloudy look of urine actually comes from pus that enters the urinary tract. UTI happens in just about anyone but is more common in women. 

Kidney infection

Another interesting fact is that kidney infections start out as UTIs. Then when proper treatment and management aren’t employed it becomes a kidney infection. And it’s very important that kidney infections are treated right on time to avoid further damage. 


A person’s diet could actually be the cause of cloudy urine. If you take a lot of Vit D and phosphorus then this could be expected. And that’s because the kidney tends to filter excess phosphorus. This excess phosphorus then ends up in urine. Thus giving it that cloudy look. 


It’s believed that one of the first signs that a person has diabetes is the cloudiness of urine. For a type 1 diabetic patient ketones are present in the urine. This is because of the breakdown of fats in the body. That’s one reason why the urine would appear cloudy. 

Other causes of cloudy urine: 

  1. Kidney stones 
  2. Sexually transmitted infections 
  3. Pregnancy 
  4. Cystitis 
  5. Pyelonephritis 

What’s Next? 

Well, there are some home remedies that would work for infections that cause cloudy urine. If the cause is UTI then you can be sure that these home remedies would go a great job. 


If the reason for the cloudiness in your urine is dehydration then you have to hydrate yourself Drink a lot of water. 

Blueberry juice

So it has been identified to be full of antioxidants and other compounds. This juice does a great job of inhibiting and eliminating the bacteria that cause UTI. Well, if you don’t buy the idea of the juice you could opt for fresh blueberries. 


If you love pineapples then way to go! Pineapples contain Bromelain. And this enzyme is known for fighting UTIs. 

Cranberry juice

This is one of the most common natural remedies people use for UTIs. E.coli is known to be the most common cause of UTIs. And the good news is that cranberry juice helps prevent it from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. 

Well, as for some causes of cloudy urine home remedies wouldn’t do the trick. Depending on the cause different treatments would apply. Also, your doctor’s discretion would also be a factor in determining the treatment method you would opt for. 

If you’ve noticed cloudiness in your urine for a while then it’s about time you speak up. It could be something very serious and could pose harm to your health. So make that appointment with your doctor and find out why you have cloudy urine. 

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