Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Experts would always say that we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. However, some studies suggest that no perfect formula or computation will fit everyone.

This article is going to remind you to stay hydrated because as we continue, you will be more convinced why. 

60% of our body composition is made up of water. And as we all know, we need water to survive. Almost every day in our lives, we lose water via tears, sweat, urine. Little do we know that we also lose a little amount of water as we inhale. 

How Much Water Should You Drink?

Experts would always say that we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. However, some studies suggest that no perfect formula or computation will fit everyone. The amount of water our body consumes depends on our needs. We may follow or may exceed the 8×8 rule. 

However, there could still be some instances where your body dictates you to drink more water. Some of the signs are the following:

  • Your urine is light yellow 
  • After staying under the sun for too long
  • Before and After intense exercises
  • When you’re hungry

Reasons Why You Should Drink Water

For our body to function properly, it needs enough water daily. Water is pretty important for our cells, tissues, and almost all organs of the body. If our body is deficient in water, we are most likely to suffer from possible health problems; both internally and externally. 

Experts suggest that as much as possible, we keep our bodies hydrated. By doing so, we prevent ourselves from possible health risks. There are also some studies suggesting that water deficit would show through the skin. This is because if you are dehydrated, your skin is most likely to be dry. 

Benefits Of Water

1. Gets rid of waste in the body 

Water is perfect for cleansing the body. Not just externally, but it includes the inside. The toxins that are present in our system are being flushed away by water through urination and sweat. That is why most especially for athletes who are known to take different kinds of supplements, it is highly recommended they drink tons of water daily. This will help the body get rid of the excess chemicals that may harm their liver. 

Some people would even prefer water as a natural remedy for common illnesses such as colds and coughs. This is because water doesn’t have any negative side effects unlike over-the-counter drugs or prescribed antibiotics. 

2. Prevents health problems

Drinking enough water could surely save you from health problems. For one, water helps excrete fluids from the kidneys. Some studies show that if the kidneys fail to release excess water, the sodium found in the organs might dilute the blood. If that happens, it could cause not only health problems but could also make you worry since such instances could be life-threatening. 

Some of the other problems wherein increasing water consumption could help include skin issues such as acne and dry skin, cancer, kidney stones, constipation, and headache. 

3. Protects sensitive tissues

Water does not only help protect sensitive tissues in the body. It is also said to protect the spinal cord and joints. Sensitive areas of the body such as the eyes, mouth, and nose could get dry. This is one way of telling you you’re dehydrated. By increasing your water intake, you can increase the levels of moisture in these sensitive areas. Apart from that, water acts as a cushion for the joints. It is even said to be helpful for the bones, brain, and most especially the blood.

4. Keeps body temperature normal

Water is said to have a high heat capacity. Meaning, it can absorb and transfer heat well for the body to stabilize its temperature. Having said, it can absorb heat just before the body temperature rises. Which is a good function of water since it serves as a buffer for the cells whenever the body has to adjust to temperature changes. Water also can evaporate from the lungs to cool down the body. 

5. Promotes weight loss

Aside from helping cure health problems, water is also known to promote weight loss. Primarily, water is perfect for cleansing which is also as good as drinking juices that can help with detoxification. The wastes that water releases outside the body keep the body more healthy. Thus, it saves it from excess sodium which is known to make you bloat. 

Another reason why water could be responsible for weight loss is that it helps boost metabolism. Some studies show that increasing water consumption could help burn more calories. It also serves as an appetite suppressant which is why experts would recommend that if you are trying to lose weight, drinking a glass of water before meals will do the trick.


Water is just simply amazing; it could help you deal with various health issues. Apart from that, it could help you achieve your target weight just by consuming the right amount of water.

Unlike other fluids, water is in its purest form. This is why doctors would always recommend that you drink tons of water to keep your body both internal and externally healthy. 

Keep in mind that the amount of water you need to consume per day depends on you. Now that you know a lot more about water, it’s time you ask it yourself – Are you drinking enough water?

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