Fasting Mimicking Diet Do It Yourself: A Beginner’s Guide

What is the fasting-mimicking diet? Learn about this hot and effective new diet plan to perform a fasting-mimicking diet do it yourself at home with ease.

Alarm clock fasting

Learn all about The Fasting-Mimicking Diet Do It Yourself weight-reducing plan and make it effective. This diet is in tune with a modified fasting. Instead of having to abstain from foods in totality as traditional fasting does, you are to eat small food amounts, but in a method that still offers the benefits of a good fasting plan. This diet plan is the only doof for five days and you need to keep protein, carbohydrate, and calorie (40 percent) intake at a minimum, while the fatty intake is high.

The FMD plant-based diet targets more natural and healthful ingredients. This 5-day diet tricks the body to think it’s fasting for it to prevent from entering regeneration and cellular protection but still able to receive the right nutrients. Author of the book The Longevity Diet, Dr. Valter Longo claims it only needs 2 to 3 days of FMD to really kick in. Followers of the diet slowly get into the fast by consuming more calories during the first day (about 50 percent of the entire intake). Extended research on the FMD diet reveals you can achieve the best results once the five days have passed or as soon as the glucose-ketone index in your body goes below 1.0. Around 3 – 7 days is the best time. You will receive the most advantages by repeating FMD cycles two times yearly, or once per month. Read more about The Fasting Mimicking Diet™

Fasting Mimicking Diet Do It Yourself

Fast Mimicking Diet versus Traditional Fasting: how are they different? Similar to intermittent fasting, you’ll find some myths on modified fasts like muscles that waste away, or your metabolism will be screwed up, or that fasting is simply downright unhealthy. These will only be true if one is having calorie restriction, is starving, or running on a no food water fast. But the FMD itself is not dangerous, in fact, it holds plenty of benefits. These include visceral fat burning, anti-aging advantages, and replacing destroyed cells with regenerated ones using stem cell activation.

Preparing for FMD Fast 

You may need to measure specific biomarkers if you are interested in tracking the results of your fasting. You may need to perform laboratory tests before and post fasting. You also need to measure your weight change, ketones, and blood glucose daily, while preparing your environment that will affect the success of your fasting.

These include:

  1. Informing your family members and friends what diet you’re about to be doing and needing support, getting rid of unhealthy snacks and unprocessed goods that may tempt you.
  2. Preparing to get more sleep because the diet will give you a tendency to feel more tired.
  3. Set a plan for physical activities daily. However, do not over-exercise, a short jog will do.
  4. Come up with a meal planner to gauge what you will eat and where you will be eating.

Be Safe

Fast mimicking gets you fasting benefits without having to give up food completely. However, it is a periodic diet plan that must be done once a month only, pairing it with a low-carb and healthy diet.

Be sure your calorie intake is kept low and supplement properly to maintain ketosis and without any health issues. Because you have more calories during the first few days, you may reduce the intake of about 35 to 40 percent in the last few days. Also, choose easy-to-digest food in very minimal amounts. It is best to consume whole foods in the FMD plan for your body to receive the right nutrition.

Long-term fasting and calorie restriction are harmful, however, fast mimicking can maintain its effectiveness and safety. 

Fasting Mimicking Diet Do It Yourself Menu

Day 1

  • Consume only 1,100 calories
  • 500 calories must come from complex carbohydrates like the veggies carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, etc.
  • The other 500 calories should be derived from healthy fats like olive oil and nuts.
  • Take one mineral supplement and one multivitamin.
  • Take one omega 3 or omega 6 supplements.
  • Take sugarless tea. Around 3 – 4 cups daily.
  • Have 25 grams of nuts or other plant-based protein, but most nuts.
  • Drink plenty of water, and as much as you can.

Days 2-5

  • Consume only 800 calories
  • 400 calories must be from complex carbohydrates like the veggies carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, etc.
  • The other 400 calories must be taken from olive oil, nuts, and similar healthy fats.
  • Take one multivitamin and one mineral supplement
  • Take one omega 3 or omega 6 supplements.
  • Take sugarless tea. Around 3 – 4 cups daily.
  • Have 25 grams of nuts or other plant-based protein, but mostly nuts.
  • Drink plenty of water, and as much as you can.

The selection above may be divided into the 3 meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They may also be consumed as a snack or two meals. 

Day 6

This is the transition diet. For one day (exactly 24 hours) followed by the final day of FMD for five days, followers of the diet must take in more complex carbohydrates like rice, cereal, vegetables, bread, pasta, and fruit, and decrease meat, fish, or saturated fat consumption from sources like dairy and other meats.

Sample foods to eat: 

  • Breakfast: Tea + nut bar 
  • Lunch: one small veggie soup serving + kale crackers 
  • Snack: a couple of olives 
  • Dinner: small soup portion

You won’t be needing a pre-pack box to have a good FMD. The key is to stick to the calorie percentages and properly space out the consumption throughout the day.

Did you know? Studies of the FMD revealed that you can maintain muscle while on a low protein diet if you include resistance training. What makes the diet so effective is it shifts into a visceral fat burn mode that continues once you resume a regular diet intake. It’s like pressing the reset button with the Fasting Mimicking Diet Plan because it destroys damaged cells and replaces them with healthy new ones. 

Participants who were part of a study were able to lose 5 pounds in just this short window of days. In fact, most of it was abdominal fat. Additionally, they lost an inch off their waist. After a fasting-mimicking diet, do it yourself a 5-day plan is over, another participant lost another pound. Fasting mimicking diet yourself, sounds like a great diet plan doesn’t it?

Fasting-mimicking diet do it yourself

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