Garlic Health Benefits You Can Enjoy

Over the years, garlic has proven its use not only in the kitchen but also in the field of medicine. 

Enjoy these garlic health benefits

Garlic contains a lot of amazing benefits. Over the years, garlic has proven its use not only in the kitchen but also in the field of medicine.

If you have been using garlic as an ingredient to your dishes, then you must already know some of its benefits. We will revisit what you know about garlic and its benefits in this article. And, who knows, you might even learn something new!

9 Garlic Health Benefits

1. Garlic contains medicinal compounds

We’ve all known garlic for its use in the kitchen but little do we know, the main reason why a lot of people are using garlic is that of the medicinal properties found in garlic.

According to research, the health benefits of garlic is due to the sulfur compounds that one can get when garlic is chopped or chewed.

Aside from sulfur compounds, other compounds present in garlic such as diallyl disulfide and s-allyl cysteine also play a vital role for the body. These medicinal compounds enter the digestive tract and travel all over the body for their known biological effects.

2. Garlic serves as a quick fix

There is common sickness such as colds that could be treated by garlic.

Due to innovations, there are garlic supplements that are said to be helpful in treating common sickness or diseases. However, this benefit of garlic is only supported by few evidences. But since garlic is a known natural herb, it is no doubt that garlic can still be a great option if you want to try treating common coughs and cold.

3. Garlic contains little amount of calories

One of the amazing benefits of garlic is that it is a great addition for your diet. Aside from it being highly nutritious, you wouldn’t have to worry about it since it would surely fit in with your daily macro calculation.

Garlic contains a few amounts of calories. It also has a decent amount of calcium, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, fiber, potassium, copper, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B1.

4. Garlic reduces the possible risks of heart diseases

According to research, garlic is excellent when it comes to reducing cholesterol levels of a person. As a result, you can decrease your chances of experiencing heart diseases. This is why some studies claim that garlic supplements are pretty useful most especially when it comes to lowering LDL cholesterol of an individual.

5. Garlic contains a good amount of antioxidants

As we continue to age, our body gets prone to oxidative damages which could lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Since garlic contains a decent amount of antioxidants, it could also help reduce the risks of diseases due to aging processes. The antioxidants present in garlic are said to help the body improve its protective mechanisms against possible oxidative damages. Garlic is also pretty effective in combating cell damages and aging.

6. Garlic improves bone health

According to previous researches, bone loss is possible due to a low amount of estrogen in a woman’s body.

Having said, researchers were able to find out that with the help of garlic, it can help increase estrogen in women. As a result, an increase in estrogen could also lead to a decrease of risks in bone loss in women.

Garlic adds up flavor to your meals

Aside from all the health benefits, we all know that garlic has already proven its purpose in the kitchen.

If you’re trying to make your dishes savory most especially soups and sauces, garlic could really be a good ingredient. The strong taste of garlic could also be used in dressings.

7. Garlic gets rid of heavy metals in the body

Organ damages or failures could be because of toxic heavy metals found in the body. A natural way to combat it? Use garlic.

Garlic has a good amount of sulfur compounds that are said to protect the organs from heavy metals. It is even believed that aside from detoxification, garlic is also useful in protecting the body from lead toxicity.

8. Garlic can reduce blood pressure

Individuals with high blood pressure could suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Several studies claim that garlic supplements have active compounds that have the ability to reduce blood pressure.

Some experts also claim that high doses of garlic could have a greater impact in lowering blood pressure.

9. Garlic could improve athletic performance

If we try to look at the traditional way of enhancing athletic performance, garlic is included as a source.

For some ancient cultures, they used garlic as a remedy to lower chances of fatigue and at the same time, increase their athletic performance. They even said that garlic was able to help their laborers increase in work capacity.

The garlic takeaway

Keep in mind that aside from effective ingredients, science has also proven garlic’s medicinal benefits to a person’s health.

So far, the only drawback garlic has is that it could give you a bad breath. Despite of that, you won’t regret including garlic in your everyday living. Since you will not only have a natural remedy for illnesses and such, but you could also have savory meals every time.

Health benefits of garlic

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