Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

A few home remedies may help address urinary track infection.

If you plan to get rid of urinary tract infection without any help from antibiotics and prescribed medications, then that is possible.

There is a long list of UTI remedies for you. However, do-it-yourself medication must require cautions in order to prevent other complications from happening.

Urinary tract infection is an infection due to bacterias from bowel or possibly due to other viruses as well. This infection usually affects not only the urinary tract but it also attacks the kidneys, bladder, urethra, and the ureters.

Almost everyone has got to a point where they suffered from UTI. However, women are known to be much prone to catching UTI. This is because the urethra, the tube that carries urine, is much shorter in women than those in men. As a result, bacterias that are being carried by the urine have the capacity to reach the bladder faster – causing the said infection.

In order to identify a UTI, keep track of the following symptoms:

  1. Burning feeling when you pee
  2. Frequent urination
  3. Fever or chills
  4. Pelvic pain
  5. Dark color of urine

If you think you are experiencing any of these symptoms then you might see a doctor in order to confirm UTI. However, there are some home remedies that you can try.

Urinary Tract Infection Remedies

Increase Water Intake

The best way to do when you’re experiencing symptoms of UTI is to increase your water intake. Even experts could attest to that since water could help flush out the toxins in the body via urine. Drinking more water could also get rid of the bacterias that are causing the infection. By doing so, you can also decrease the expected days for recovery.

Load up with vitamin C

Having a daily dose of vitamin C may not only treat UTI. It can also save you from catching one the next time around. Studies suggest that by loading up some vitamin C could also get rid of the bacterias that are responsible for the infection. This is primarily because vitamin Cs are known to increase the acidity in the urine which kills the bacterias.

Aside from supplements, you may increase your vitamin C intake by consuming foods that are rich in vitamin C such as fruits and vegetables.

Take probiotics

Probiotics are the microorganisms that help promote balance on the healthy bacterias that could be found in your gut. These microorganisms may be consumed by eating fermented foods such as kombucha, kimchi, and also probiotic yogurt.

Some would suggest that antibiotics are better than consuming probiotics. However, some studies suggest that unlike antibiotics, probiotics are naturally healthy and that they do not contain chemicals that could cause negative side effects in the long run. By consuming foods that contain probiotics, you can prevent UTI from taking place.

Avoid bladder irritants

In order to recover fast from UTI, you also need to keep an eye on food and drinks that could cause irritation to your bladder. Some of the foods you gotta avoid while treating UTI include alcohol, drinks that contain caffeine, carbonated drinks, cigarettes, spicy foods, and also foods that have artificial sweeteners.

You need to focus on a healthy diet while healing. Try replacing those prohibited foods and drinks with healthy ones such as high-fiber carbohydrates.

Try natural supplements or herbal remedies

Another option you can use to treat UTI is to try taking natural supplements to combat symptoms of UTI.  There are some natural supplements that you can check out such as bearberry leaf, cranberry extract, garlic extract, and D-Mannose.

However, according to research, most experts would first recommend bearberry extract or what they used to call, “uva-ursi”. This supplement is said to be really effective in reducing symptoms of UTI.

To be fair, herbal remedies are all beneficial. However, you need to consult your doctor first before considering some natural supplements. It would still be best to ask them if the supplement suits you well.

Urinary tract infection is already a common health issue for the majority. The symptoms could be annoying and that it wouldn’t go away quickly.

However, if you follow a healthy lifestyle plus a clean diet, then you may be saved from experiencing UTI. You can also prevent the infection from happening if you exhaust all means just to keep it from taking place.

There is also some quick fix that you can use to get rid of UTI and that is to talk about it with your doctors. There is nothing wrong with prescribed drugs. Some people would actually prefer using medications that have been prescribed to them. But some would want to use natural remedies to combat UTI. Either way, both solutions work.  But if you want to heal naturally, then you are free to follow the advice we have provided above.

Urinary tract infection

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