How to Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally and Fast

Do you have dandruff problems? If so you can treat it naturally by learning how to get rid of dandruff fast with aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil.

How to get rid of dandruff fast

What’s the best way to treat dandruff? It can be a tough situation to deal with if you have an itchy scalp and dry flakes that build up on your scalp. The good news is there are various natural ways for how to get rid of dandruff fast. There are many options like tea tree oil and aloe vera. The main benefit of these approaches is you won’t have to use prescription drugs. They can cause a lot of unwanted side-effects that you’ll probably want to avoid. That’s because they have strong chemicals that can cause negative reactions like skin rashes. They might even make your situation worse because you’re dealing with dandruff and drug side-effects. When using natural remedies there might be some mild symptoms but that’s it.

Even if you don’t have dandruff you’ve probably seen ads for dandruff shampoos and conditioners. These products help to deal with the dry white flakes and itchy scalp that are some of the most common symptoms of this condition. It’s important to take steps to deal with this hair/scalp condition as effectively as possible. Some popular options include hot oil treatment. This can be effective when natural oils like coconut oil are used.

What Is Dandruff All About?

Most people know it’s something that causes white flakes around your scalp. However, it might be unclear what causes it, treatment options, and other issues. As always, it’s important to get to the nitty-gritty so you’ll know how to deal with dandruff as effectively as possible.

This is a harmless condition but it can be quite itchy and embarrassing. The irony is dandruff isn’t really about how frequently you wash your hair or even hair health. It’s instead related to the scalp’s skin.

This condition is caused by old skin cells that die too fast. Health experts aren’t 100% sure about the whole process. A super-common fungus might be related to dandruff. It stays on the scalp in most adults with good health and doesn’t cause any issues. One theory people have is the immune system of people with dandruff might over-react to this particular fungus.

Some situations can cause dandruff to get worse. They include illness and stress. Another trigger is cold/dry winters, which might make your scalp condition worse.

Various skin/scalp conditions can also cause dandruff. These conditions can also exist in other regions of the body like the face, ears, and chest. It’s important to get tests run if you think you might have one of these conditions. Your doctor can do an exam and order tests to figure out what the problem is.

One of the possible causes of dandruff is shampooing your hair too often. One option is to alternate the days you shampoo/condition your hair. This makes sure you’re not removing too many nutrients from your scalp by washing it daily. The condition can help add back vitamins and oils that are removed through washing.

You can also find various prescription meds on the market for treating this condition. However, you might have to deal with unwanted side-effects.

How to Get rid of Dandruff Fast

Here are some natural remedies for treating dandruff without prescription meds:

Coconut Oil

It’s not just for low-carb baking and Bulletproof Coffee! You can use this ingredient to treat dandruff. It’s high in healthy fats that can help to add moisture to your scalp and also prevent it from drying out. These factors can make your dandruff worse, which is a situation you’ll want to avoid like dry flakes on your scalp.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This home remedy is used for a wide range of health problems. They include weight loss and blood sugar levels. ACV is also used to help ditch dead skin cells from the scalp. So, it might help to deal with conditions like dandruff. Another benefit is ACV might help to balance the skin’s pH levels. This could help to fight off dandruff by preventing fungus growth.

Omega 3s

This is a fatty acid that’s found in fatty fish, avocados, flax seeds, and olive oil. If you boost your intake it might help to fight off dandruff. Omega-3s help to make the membrane that’s around human cells. Fatty acids are also important for different body functions like the immune system, lungs, and heart. The healthy fat can also help to boost skin health.  

Tea Tree Oil

TTO has been used for a long time to treat various hair and skin issues including acne. Studies show that it can fight inflammation and microbes, which might help to reduce dandruff symptoms. Various studies show that it can be used to fight dandruff.

Aloe Vera

This is another go-to ingredient in many hair/skincare products. The plant is added to many kinds of products including skin lotions and ointments. Experts believe that aloe vera can help treat various skin conditions and might also help with dandruff patients. Various studies show that aloe vera can fight fungus and bacteria.

Hot Tips to Treat Dandruff

1. Try washing your hair more

On one hand, if you wash your hair every day it might cause issues like a dry scalp. However, one caveat is natural oils on your scalp might cause problems. This can cause oil/skin cells to build up if you don’t wash your hair enough.

The sweet spot seems to be washing your hair 2+ times per week. You could also alternate these washing days with conditioning days to help add back nutrients washed out from shampooing.

2. Drink more water

Are you drinking 8 glasses of water per day? That’s just a start. Studies show that to truly benefit from the anti-aging and health benefits of water you should drink at least 3 liters per day. It might sound like a day but if you have a dry scalp it’s worth the big benefit of reducing dry flakes on your scalp. Make sure you’re consuming high-quality drinking water.

3. Get a hot oil treatment

Applying oils to your scalp can help to extract and remove natural oils. It’s sort of like eating healthy fat to lose fat. Try warming coconut oil then applying it to your scalp.

4. Exfoliate the scalp

This is a fancy term for removing dead skin cells. You can find ‘exfoliators” that can do that with small amounts of mild acids. One of the goals is to break down dead skin cells that build upon a person’s scalp and cause dry flakes.

5. Eat a healthy/well-balanced diet

Simply changing your diet so it’s healthier can help to control and treat dandruff. This can help to prevent the building up stuff that causes the dry flakes and feeds the yeast. It’s a good idea to drop sugars and reduce sugars from your diet. That includes food like table sugar, white flour, sodas, and candy bars as an effective method for how to get rid of dandruff fast.

How to get rid of dandruff fast

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