Tips On How To Lose Love Handles For Men

Love handles are those fat that gathers around your stomach. These are the kind of fat that finds no other place to store itself but your fat, very annoying. In this article we discussed helpful tips on how to lose love handles for men.

Belly fat

The fat that accumulates at the abdomen sides and lower back are commonly called “love handles.” This fat is deposited over the years from a high-calorie diet and lack of exercise. Love handles affect both males and females. Most times it seems like it is the women who are more concerned about dealing with unwanted body fats but there are men that are also concerned about this and we would be giving tips on how to lose love handles for men today. There are probably twenty female articles for every one male article that deals with fat loss for men. Hopefully, this is one of the articles that will be of help to many males.

The journey of fat loss has never been a walk in the park for anyone. It requires commitment, consistency, dedication, and patience. Getting rid of love handles requires both reducing body fat, diet, exercise, and stress reduction. These require a lot of work on your part and it would be helpful if you have an accountability partner that will urge you on. Here are some tips that would be of help in losing those love handles.

How To Lose Love Handles For Men  

1. Low-Calorie intake

To get rid of excess fat around your stomach you have to lower the number of calories you eat. Know that fat can not be lost in only one area of your body, when you set out to reduce fat then it would have a general effect on the rest of your fat mass. As you monitor your calorie intake you will begin to notice those love handles get smaller. It is advisable to remove about five hundred calories daily. This would mean that one to pounds will be lost each week.

Keeping a food diary will help you monitor your calories, there are also some apps that are designed to help you count calories.

2. Avoid fried and processed foods

Food that goes through frying or processing is usually high in calories. If you regularly consume such kind of food, losing weight will be more difficult and those love handles might just remain where it is. Not only do processed foods have high calories, but they also contain a high amount of added sugars, bad fats, and a high amount of preservatives or additives.

The food you should avoid or limit includes fried foods, chips, fast foods, sweetened beverages, ice cream, processed meat, canned meals, cakes, cookies, crackers, breakfast pastries, cookies, and frozen dinners. It is also good if you avoid food with excess added sugars. Research has shown that these kinds of food worsen love handles because they are usually stored around your stomach.

3. Eat non-starchy veggies in place of high carb meals

Quite a number of studies have revealed that men with love handles do eat food with high carbohydrates. This is why the third tip is to minimize or stay away from food with high carb content. Some of these high-carb meals are cookies, cake, pie, and grain-made meals. legumes, starchy vegetables, dairy products, and fruits have a lesser amount of carb but should be taken with caution. Men are advised to eat between five to ten veggies and fruits serving per day.   

You can eat fruits like berries which have low sugar. Eat vegetables that do not have starch and restrict your consumption of food items like peas, carrots, corn, and potatoes. These are starchy veggies that have a high carb content. And if you will eat grains then let it be the hundred percent whole grains that have high protein and fiber content.

4. Eat lean meat in place of fatty meat

It is highly essential for men who work out or are on a low-calorie diet to eat proteins but not just any kind of protein is to be eaten if such a man is out to reduce his love handles. Lean proteins help with getting rid of love handles. Food like sausage, whole-fat dairy, and bacon have a high amount of saturated fat. And this type of fat is linked with stomach fat deposit. It is best to cut down on these foods and eat more lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, fish, lean red meat cut salmon, nuts, nut butter, and tuna.

5. Aerobic exercising

Cardio exercise is very helpful in decreasing body fats for men, especially in their stomach region. Begin to carry out aerobic exercise regularly, thirty to forty minutes of serious cardio exercise five days each week is a good place to start from. Other exercises that can be done include running, jogging, swimming, and cycling.

6. Train at intervals

The result of some researches suggested that training at intervals helps in reducing love handles. This means to alternate between hard exerting activities, medium and light exertion. This alternative method is more helpful in burning excess fat and calories than just going on at one pace.

There is a cardio burn camp in gyms and you can join one in your locality. Several types of equipment are used during these classes for interval training. The aim of this is to develop muscle and reduce body fat. You can also group that engages in running, jogging, or sprinting activities, this all helps to reduce belly fat.

7. Improve lifestyle activity

Your lifestyle activity offers you the same weight loss and health benefits as planned and structured exercises. You can improve your lifestyle by carrying out household chores, using the stairs, walking, and standing. Examine your day-to-day activities and look for ways that you can engage yourself more.

Bottom Line

These tips on how to lose love handles from men have given desired results to those who have taken them seriously. You can start from where you are, look around, and find out what are the things you need to stop doing or start doing. Don’t forget that consistency is key here.

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