Helpful Tips On How To Use Bath Bombs

If you are yet to try bath bombs and their luxurious and calming effects, here’s a guide on how to use bath bombs and their benefits.

Bath bombs

In general, baths are classified into two kinds. The first is the most functional and the goal is to get the body squeaky clean. The second is designed to make a luxurious and enjoyable experience as a reward for a job well done or just to make you feel good about yourself. Using bath bombs and the knowledge on how to use bath bombs effectively are essential to experience it at its fullest.

It’s always a great idea to unwind after a busy week or a long day. Instead of just doing a rushed shower like you always do, a luxurious and relaxing bath is as tempting as ice cream on a hot sunny day. You’re in for a treat as we will know more about how to use bath bombs and their benefits.

Bath Bomb Benefits

We are in a generation where everything is fast-paced. Almost everything is rushed and time is money. At the end of the day, it leaves us exhausted and we then neglect to do simple joys to relieve us of the stress we encounter day in and day out. The great thing though is that there are numerous ways how you can relax- Netflix, yoga, reading, and just about anything that would make you feel calm. But have you heard about bath bombs? Manufacturers and those who have already used it say that doing a non-rushed, relaxing, and calming bath luxuriously is a cure-all for all your stress from the long day or week you just wrestled.

It comes in many colors, scents, sizes, and shapes depending on the user’s preference but regardless of what you choose; its main benefits are all the same. Here is what you can get from investing and yourself a bath bomb the next time you plan to unwind. 

1. Good skin moisturizer

Bath bombs have softeners and emollients that could help moisturize and indulge the skin in oils and aromatic scents. It does not matter what your skin type is because these bath bombs are a sure way to leave your skin skill, supple, and soft. 

2. They are vegan-friendly and all-natural

Unlike bath products that you usually use which would need to rely on makeup chemicals, bath bombs are body treats that are chemical-free and all-natural. It means that they do not contain any harsh irritants that may further irritate the skin. 

3. They create an atmosphere of your preference

Bath bombs are always associated with an atmosphere of opulence and luxury. Once it is dropped in the tub, it releases and fizzes delightful scents that could set your mood of relaxation. It can transform your simple bath into an experience that is both joyful and relaxing. 

If you have already tried using bath bombs, keep on exploring different varieties as you may find the most perfect combination that you need. If you are yet to try, you’d want to read on for tips on how to use bath bombs. It would help you in your relaxing and calming journey of luxurious baths and wellness!

How To Use Bath Bombs

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to how to use bath bombs as you always have the liberty to do it your way. But of course, to maximize its effects, you may want to look at how others do theirs, yes? We have listed a how-to section for you so that you can follow and enjoy your bath in a way you never thought possible. 

  • Fill the tub with water then bombs away! Of course, it’s always your choice on which comes first but to allow the bath bomb to dissolve properly in all its glory, the tub must be filled first.
  • Warm water is always better. Although there is no exact temperature that must be followed in the water that’s used for the bath bombs, warm water will allow the ingredients like the cocoa butter to melt properly. 
  • Use bath oil for a magical experience. When you mix your bath bomb with a bubble bar or oil, it will create a more exquisite feel. You’d be surprised to know how good the photo will look in your Instagram story.
  • Find a Purpose. There is always a bath bomb out there for all of your needs. Are you trying to relax? Do you need a burst of energy? Know that purpose and let the bath bomb create that mood for you.
  • Customize with essential oils. Depending on what you want to achieve in your bath, there is always an essential oil that you can pair with your bomb. Add Rose, Lavender, or Oat Milk if you have a sensitive skin

Just like any other product that you have in your dresser, some are found to be effective and not- the same goes for your choice of bath bombs. Some varieties may not be best for those with very sensitive skin so it’s best to mix it up with calming ingredients. 

  • Try a Shower Bomb for a Sustainable Self-Care. If you are concerned with water waste or time, you may opt for shower bombs. Just like a bath, it would also pop essence and scent on your shower floor or your hand.

No Tub? No Problem!

What if you’d like to do bath bombs but do not have a tub? Worry not as there is always a way! Here are some ideas that you can do on how to use bath bombs without a bathtub. 

Use Bath Bombs during a shower

Drop it on your shower floor and let the water hit it to release the scent and the fizz.  You might not get the benefits of moisturizing the skin but you’d be able to enjoy the soothing and relaxing scent. 

Sugar Scrub from Bath Bombs

Utilize light-colored bombs for this. Just crush the ball in plastic and then use it every time you feel like exfoliating your skin.

Fill the bucket and drop them bombs like that

Fancy a foot spa and a relaxing evening to yourself? Try filling a basin with water and drop a portion of the bomb in there to relax. 

Scoop them up and pour

This might be something that you would find odd but you can fill a bucket with water and drop the bomb in there and use a scooper to generously apply it in your body. Cool, right? 


We all want to experience the fancier things in life and bath bombs are a great start! There is no specific way of how to use bath bombs. You can use and bomb it away however you like. What matters though is what bath bomb you use as your preference could set the tone of relaxation altogether.

Whether you are just looking for something to help you get relaxed, energized, or simply to just help you soak all the day’s cares, there is an aromatherapy scent and bath bomb ambiance that you will surely love- and it’s entirely your discretion on how to use bath bombs during your relaxing time!

How to use bath bombs

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