Igorot Stone Kingdom: Entrance Fee, Location & Guide

The Igorot Stone Kingdom is an attraction that takes you back in time. This 6000 square meter structure was built using stacked stones to create a castle-like appearance, much like how creative children imagine their own forts or castles would look!

If you are looking for a place that is full of history and culture, then the Igorot Stone Kingdom will be your new favorite tourist destination in Baguio. It is located at the mountainside of Long Long Road, Pinsao Proper, Baguio City.

Igorot Stone Kingdom Details:

  • 6000 square meters
  • Address: #86 Long Long Road, Pinsao Proper, Baguio City.
  • Operating hours: They are open daily from 6 AM – PM
  • Entrance Fee:
    • P100- 13 years above
    • P80- 4-12 years old, Senior Citizens and PWDs
    • Free- 3 years below

Igorot Stone Kingdom History

Pio Velasco is the owner as well as the designer of Igorot Stone Kingdom. According to the history, he had a dream to put up fantasy stone castles as a child. He imagined what his kingdom would look like while growing up in Mountain Province during his childhood days; this is how he later figured it out slowly over time with continuous envisioning towards achieving that perfect vision which you can see today. In 2020, he came across a white carabao that is said to be his sign to build this wonderful architecture we called now as the Stone Kingdom.

The Inspiration

For Pio Velasco, the theme park is not just an honor to his mother but also a symbol of ancient culture. His respect for her taught him patience and strength. Additionally, it also pays tribute to the first Igorot people, who believed that there is a compassionate God. Their tradition and values were brought out by their skilled hands when they laid down stone after stone.

How to Go to Igorot Stone Kingdom

If you decided to visit this one of a kind sight, here’s how to get there.

Commute from Manila

If you are from Manila, you need to go to the Cubao Bus Station Terminal bound to Baguio. When you reach downtown Baguio, ride a jeepney, either bound for Tacay-Longlong which is at Otek St. near Burnham Park or a jeepney bound for Tam-Awan located at Kayang St., near Baguio Public Market. Then just tell the driver to drop you at the Igorot Stone Kingdom. Jeepney may cost you around P22.00.


The kingdom has four different attractions which include the stone walls pathway, the gold mine, the steel bridge and the modern day castles. You can explore the breath taking castles made of piled stones, take photos, and learn about the Igorot Culture.

There are also plenty of food stalls to find just outside the area so you don’t need to worry in getting hungry while exploring the place. They also allow pets inside as long as they are on a leash and you need to bring bag for them to poop.

You can also park there if ever you bring your car. If you want to enjoy your tour, the best time to visit is during weekdays when there is less tourist. There are also transient near the area if you prefer to stay overnight.


Do you want to visit this impressive castle-like theme park? Don’t forget to wear your sneakers and get ready to explore another tourist spot in Baguio.