Is Gripe Water Safe for Babies?

Gripe water is famous in our household because of its use when the baby is teething in colic state and many more.

Baby in a crib with a handkerchief tied around the head

Gripe water is common in households with babies. It can comfort babies when they experience discomfort and pain their stomach.

However, some parents have apprehensions about using gripe water because some doctors might not approve of this. With this said, this article will try to help you understand further what is gripe water and whether it is good for your baby or not. 



Colic might be probably a nuisance for the baby but is an equal nightmare for all mothers. Babies with colic will cry in the middle of the night for hours and hours (for at least 3 hours on average). Both the mother and the baby will have no time to sleep because of this colic problem.

Babies are prone to gastric and other digestive problems because their digestive system is still on the process of developing. There are treatments and tips to comfort them each time our babies cry due to stomach ache.


The Cause of Gas Pain

Babies in their stage of life should always be fed, and most of the time, if there are not sucking their mother’s breast, they are sucking milk from a baby bottle. With this constant feeding and sucking, their bowel movement is constant too. The constant cycle of feeding and bowel movement causes flatulence.

Gas pain is common in babies that have reached their 6th month or 12th month, and as the baby grows, we introduce different types of food to them. In addition to the causes I have mentioned in the preceding sentence, gas pain might occur in babies due to proteins in milk formulas. Babies are still not used to taking in the macronutrient protein that is why they develop gas pain every time a milk formula has protein in them.


Some Vegetables

When babies get to that stage in which you can finally let her eat some wee bits of vegetables. Vegetables are known to render gas pain and flatulence. Vegetables that can give out excess air are the like of broccoli or cabbage. Like us, babies can get gas pains too from these vegetables.

Gas pains in babies can some happen at some point in their lives and most of the time, these gas pain are frequent and can be constant. It is up to the mother and their caregivers what causes gas pain in their babies. Once you pinpoint the cause, it is best to look for their alternatives. Another tip is to try to hydrate your baby too by letting him or her, drink water.


Symptoms of Colic Pain

Gas pains in babies might happen frequently, and the symptoms are the ones listed below:

  • The baby is fidgeting and tries to pull his or her legs;
  • Crying non-stop;
  • When the baby arches his o her back.

These symptoms are signs that your baby is having gas pain in his or her stomach or what you call in a colic state. One of the most common remedies of colic symptoms is gripe water.


Gripe Water

Gripe water is a known natural medicine for babies with gas pain. Woodward gripe water is the first-ever branded product of gripe water. It was was founded by William Woodward which was based in America.

The gripe water ingredients include a concoction of sugar, water, sodium bicarbonate, and alcohol. Some types have herbs mixed in them like ginger extract, fennel, and dill. Those variations for babies do not have alcohol. They are safe and gentle for baby consumption.

Do not worry about the taste because gripe water is usually sweet and tastes fine when babies drink it. You can choose flavors for it too.


The Mechanism of Gripe Water

In ancient times, gripe water is already for babies to treat their gas pains. Other types of gripe water which I personally want to recommend is the natural type which includes ingredients like water, fennel, dill seed oil, aloe vera, chamomile, ginger, and glycerin. It helps with babies because it softens up the muscles of their digestive system.

Gas pain is painful because of the gas trapped inside the stomach. The sodium bicarbonate and the dill seed oil extract helps in breaking these bubbles and neutralizes the acidic ph level of your baby’s stomach.

How do you know though when it is safe to let the baby have gripe water?

Do not let your baby take gripe water when he is not having any gastric issues.

In my opinion, gripe water should only be used as a last resort for your baby’s flatulence woes. And, always reacch out to your doctor for advice first.

Also, an added safety is to have your it has taken in on the 6th month of the baby only. Babies under 6th months should only be fed with milk. However, some people have other views in terms of when can you let your child have the gripe water. Some say that gripe water can be given to a baby as young as its 1st month in the world. Logically this is just placebo and is not an ideal age to let them have it but if the cries are persistent and there is no sign of stopping it, then maybe you can give the baby a little gripe water. Before doing this though, you have to consult your doctor first.

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