Loose Tooth in Children and Adults + Treatment and Tips

Having a loose tooth is more common in children than adults.

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A loose tooth is a natural occurrence to young individuals. But if it happens to a fully grown adult, then you might need to have it treated. A loose tooth is due to the constant grinding of the teeth with the food that you eat. The loose tooth event is the instance to which your tooth separates itself from your gums and your bones, and there is no support already. This should be of concern if you are an adult because it might get infected in the long run.

Causes of a Loose Tooth in Adults

A loose tooth in adults does not spring up without reason or reasons. It easily detected because when you start eating, you will notice a slightly off feeling in the part where your tooth is loose. This will also be detected during flossing and brushing.

One cause to which loose tooth is attributed to is gum infection. When the gum is infected, the tooth that it holds will lose its only support, which is the gum.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Gum issues and diseases are due to poor dental hygiene. If you are a non-regular in flossing and brushing or at least gargling mouthwash, then you might be a victim of gum disease. Not brushing and relieving your gums from the substances and things that it needs to endure for the whole might lead to tartar build-up. These tartars are lodged around your gum and not for long, and there will be tartar build up in there. The tartars will cause infection and gingivitis in your gums. Gingivitis and infection result in the loosening of the tooth to which your gums hold on to.

With this being said, you should be more careful and wary about your dental hygiene. Try to visit your dentist every 3 or 6 months and let them have your teeth and gums checked. If they see that a tartar build-up has happened, let them clean your guts. The process of cleaning your gums is done to pluck out the tartars. If you have never cleaned your teeth and gums for years and the tartar build-up has become so thick and deep, the cleaning might be painful but you have to endure it so won’t lose a tooth.

Causes of Loose Tooth

The grinding of the teeth

When we sleep, we unconsciously grind our teeth, that is why some dentists recommend gum clamps in the evening when we sleep to prevent the grinding of our teeth.


One instant cause of loosening one’s tooth is by having an injury from an outside force, directly into our mouth or jaw.

The Treatments

There are a variety of options for you to take when you experience loose teeth. If your gum and loose tooth case are too severe and hopeless, you might consider the following procedures:

Bite adjustment

If you are prone to teeth grinding and maybe grinding your teeth is one of the causes of a loose tooth, then bite adjustment might be recommended to you by a doctor. Bite adjustment is basically adjusting the biting surface of your tooth, so it coincides perfectly with the opposite tooth.

Mouth Guard

This option is to prevent further grinding and so to prevent further damage to your tooth. It is like a denture but rubbery in texture. You wear this at night, a time where you are most susceptible to unconscious teeth grinding.

A Loose Baby Tooth

All of us have experienced loose tooth as a baby. There are no exceptions to this phenomenon since loose tooth in babies is only natural.

Children lose tooth around the age of 6 years old on average, but it can be six years old below or above that age. The reason for the loose tooth is the pressure the former teeth receive from the permanent teeth.

As the permanent tooth slowly starts to grow, the former teeth fall out exposing permanent teeth. The root to which the former teeth hold on too long ago is being absorbed by the body.

How You Can Tell

Once your child starts having a loose tooth, there might be a lot of changes for him or her. There will come a time where he or she will complete about a toothache or not comfortable in eating the food. No matter what happens though, the child should still maintain healthy eating types of food and should still maintain good oral hygiene.

If your child is annoyed with the loose tooth, you can help him pull it out. Just makes sure your hands are clean. Many traditions are known all over the world on how to pull out a tooth for example, in the Philippines, they put things cloth fiber in the loose tooth and tie it in the door, then someone pushes the door, and viola, the tooth falls out. The area will bleed you do not need to put anything just let your child wash the bleeding off with water.

The loosening of the teeth of a baby sometimes follows a pattern. The pattern goes, the first teeth to lose is the two in the bottom, next is the two front teeth, then the four teeth on top.

Dental Injury

If the loose tooth of the child is due to an untimely accident and the timing to which it should shed off is not met, then the parents should take their child to a dentist to be examined.

The dentist will examine the dental injury, and if the tooth is entirely pulled off, your dentist will have to recommend a space maintainer to correct the distances of one tooth to another when they grow out. The space maintainer will ensure that when the permanent teeth grow, the bite of the child is spaced perfectly. Perfectly spaced teeth have many advantages like it is easier to clean and it is not prone to dental conditions and diseases.

Having a loose baby tooth is quite natural but if this happens to an adult, then you might want to take extra steps to keep your tooth intact.

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