Wild Rice Vs. Brown Rice: Which Is the Healthiest Type of Rice?

There has always been a comparison between wild rice vs. brown rice. Despite both being in the healthy rice types spectrum, which is healthier?

wild rice

Rice is a staple for almost half of the world’s total population. This starchy grain is used mainly due to its large availability, ability in adapting to any seasoning and flavor, and versatility. It has a soft texture and chewiness that could compliment any type of cuisine and may also be an added substance for meals and dishes. There are many types of rice, but there has been an ongoing question about wild rice vs. brown rice. Which is better among the two?

Rice is available in at least a hundred countries, and production is at 700 million tons every year. A total of 90% of all the milled rice production comes from Asia, which is an equivalent of 640 million tons. That means that rice is an important commodity in this day and age. We will know more about the varieties of rice available and its health benefits. We will also include a comparison between wild rice vs. brown rice to determine which is healthier. 

Rice Varieties 

Rice is food that is a staple for those who would like something that could be a nutritious energy source while making sure that it is not breaking the bank. Varieties could differ in flavor, nutritional value, and color. Some would be abundant in powerful compounds and nutrients that could help reap benefits in health while some have less impressive profiles when it comes to nutrition. Here are some of the available varieties. 

Brown Rice 

It is whole grain rice that has the hull or the outer shell removed. Its germ and bran layer are still intact which is a good source of nutrients. Components such as luteolin, apigenin, and quercetin are found in brown rice which is considered flavonoid antioxidants playing a huge role in preventing diseases and free-radicals. 

The health benefits that you can get is because of how it was prepared. It’s the parts grain: bran, outer, and germ. It is low in calories and could be used in many rice dishes across the world. Health benefits would include the following: 

  • Increases biological functions 
  • Prevents birth defects and allows the formation of new cells in the body involved in many processes.  
  • It regulates the thyroid gland and helps in boosting the immune system.  

Just like all the other grains available, brown rice should be thoroughly rinsed with running water before it is cooked to make sure debris and dirt are removed. This rice variety is becoming more popular with the health-conscious enthusiast.  

Wild Rice 

Wild rice, on the other hand, is technically a grain but it is a seen coming from aquatic grasses. Despite its unique nature, it is being popularly used as normal rice in most of the kitchens and restaurants using it. It contains as much as three times more protein and fiber than white rice. It also acts like a whole grain that’s why it’s something that you would want if you are looking for something that could fill you easily. 

This variety is rising in popularity due to studies made about the health benefits it may bring. Some of it include: 

  • Increased colon health
  • Supports muscles, nerves, and bone health
  • Provides much-needed energy
  • Improved heart health
  • Full-packed with antioxidants

Although both wild rice and brown rice varieties are healthy, there has always been a question on which among the two is the healthiest. Despite both of these rice varieties’ importance for those who would like to stick to healthier options, a healthy contrast and comparison will always help shed light on what you can and cannot get from the other, right? Let the wild rice vs. brown rice comparison begin.

Wild Rice Vs. Brown Rice

As mentioned, wild rice is a grass type and is not a whole grain, but it is cooked like rice and looks like it, too. It is a nutty and dark grain that is being compared toe to toe with brown rice. We know that both are types of healthier variety but which is wild rice vs. brown rice better?

According to recent research and studies, brown and wild rice sit close to each other when it comes to the health spectrum. Brown rice offers the same amount of minerals and vitamins that could easily be found in wild rice. Plus, it’s also a great source of fiber.

On the other hand, wild rice wins the battle on this one because although it sits very close to brown rice, it has lower calories compared to it. It also has higher levels of protein, which would allow you to stay full in a long time compared to brown rice. 

Here’s a clearer comparison between the two for you to get a clearer picture of how they are closely the same as the other. 

Wild Rice

  • 121 Calories
  • 6.5 grams of protein
  • 3 grams of fiber

Brown Rice

  • 218 calories
  • 4.5 grams of protein
  • 3.5 grams of fiber 

It is clear as day that wild rice wins this one as it has lower calories compared to brown rice. But brown rice has a higher fiber content compared to the other one. This just means that you should not remove brown rice in your diet altogether as the debate on whether wild rice vs brown rice is better is far from a duel as both are choices that could benefit the health.


Just like us, not all foods are perfect- what the other may lack, the other variables may have it. As for the wild rice vs brown rice comparison, it may well be enough to point out that wild rice is slightly on the winning side. But it does not mean that brown rice has less nutritional value as its numbers could tell that it is also healthy and a good source of beneficial nutrients. 

Overall, make sure that although there is always a question about wild rice vs brown rice, you are not limited to these varieties when it comes to healthy choices. The healthy rice types above could prove that and you might as well try it for a healthier and fuller you!

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